Sorry to keep you waiting.

I am just going to talk in your gif cause you said it’s ok, please delete if you need to.

That line hanging there all by itself suddenly gave it new meaning for me. We know Stef later says, “You’re the person I’ve been waiting for my whole life.” And here is Lena’s reply, “Sorry to keep you waiting.” Ahhh, I am going to cry.

And then when Lena says, “follow me,” it’s a metaphor for the start of their life together. No hesitation, it’s a done deal, you lead and I will follow into this new life.

I believe in love at first sight because it happened to me. It doesn’t me it’s better or the only way to love but it can happen. I think it happened to them. Lena knows this is attraction for sure, but there’s something in her breathing and sighing in the first 2 gifs that makes it seem like more than just I find you attractive. Stef is literally stunned. She’s so stunned she is so confused when Lena mentions a husband. And you can tell she’s measuring her words. Maybe it’s just coincidence that you instantly find everything about a person fascinating, their smell, the way they look, the way they look at you, their voice, their pheromones and then later you end up falling in love. Who knows?

responding to the bolded part:

Gosh! That never occured to me before but you are right - this is really charming whether it is intentional or coincidence. I really, really like this.

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