Stef & Lena → 30 Day Challenge
Day 6: Favourite kiss

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I don’t really have much to add to this as I think the gifs speak for themselves. I know that there are more sensual kisses between them but there is just something so utterly genuine about this moment that for me no other kiss really compares. (although a close second are the ones from 1x19 but for different reasons)

The whole scene (to follow as a gifset of its own) has a very unique flow to it, I think. I’m not even sure how to describe it properly. It’s sweet, it’s domestic, it’s gentle and it has got this subtle poignancy to it - just so many emotions layered into everything they say and don’t say here. And it’s all there in the kiss as well. As brief as it may be, that sweet kiss goodbye in the first gif turns into something much deeper in the second gif. Just look at the way Lena closes her eyes. And don’t even get me started on that little swaying thing they do.

So yeah, favourite kiss. Quite sure that won’t change any time soon. :)

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It’s been a really, really long time since I’ve written any fanfiction so this is a bit rusty but it felt good to actually write again so I just might do it more often. :)

under the cut a small scene (set after 2x03) I wish we had seen on the show:

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Stef & Lena → 30 Day Challenge
Day 5: Favourite Lena quote about Stef

"You just love hard. That’s a good thing."

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Everything, everything Lena says here.

The writers tend to focus on the pro-activeness of Stef’s characer (especially in series 1) so as an audience we miss out on much of the internal processing she might go through, even though Teri does a lot with just her face. But there are times when it helps to have it said out loud.

And similar with the previous gifset it’s the way Sherri says these lines. Because, again, the wording could be taken quite differently but it’s the gentleness she adds as well as that smile in the fifth gif that change the entire connotation of it. Especially that small pause and her smile in the fifth gif. This says so much about how Lena sees Stef and although it might be frustrating at times for her, it’s also everything she loves about Stef.

(A scene like this just in reverse is what I would like to see in 2B)

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Stef & Lena → 30 Day Challenge
Day 4: Favourite Stef quote about Lena

"Not all of us are like you with a relentness need to process things the very second they happen."

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Interestingly enough, there are very few scenes where they talk about each other, so naturally I was tempted to use the wedding quote but upon thinking about it for some time, this scene popped into my head. I mentioned before how much I love the fact that Lena really gets Stef - but this is one of the rare moments we get a chance to see that this works both ways.

Stef gets Lena just as much. She understands Lena’s need to make sense of a situation and not give confusion, anger or hurt a chance to fester into something much worse and out of proportion. And Stef gives her the room to do just that. Room for Lena to push an issue even if Stef herself is neither ready nor willing to process it. It is something that happens a few times between them. They have an argument, either storms of or quite adamantly disagrees - and in the end they converge at the same spot as they find some form of balance between them.

It’s one of the things that makes the portrayal of their relationship not necessarily unique but special. They give each other the room to be angry and still keep the door open for the other to come back and say: yeah, so I was wrong. Let’s go with your idea. It’s yet another proof that despite (or because of) everything they have a very healthy relationship. I mean, look at Lena’s reaction in the fifth gif - that pretty much says it all. Because that line could easily be taken the wrong way. But they are aware of their flaws (for lack of a better word - I have a weekend brain and can’t think of the proper English word) and they own up to them.

I’d love to see more scenes where we get an inside into how Stef sees Lena. We know she’s utterly and in every sense of the word - good and bad - helplessly in love with Lena but I’d like to see more moments like the one above. Because I think that might be the key to fully understand the season 2A finale and why Stef as well as Lena reacted the way they did.

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excuse-the-shit-out-of-me asked: Okay, so I'm just dropping by to say that I just spent most of my day going through your 'stef x lena' tag and I swear on everything that's holy, words can't express how much I fell in love with your gifs. I've read every tag under every gifset and analyzed everything you said and I feel you get the show more than anybody else. I love how you focus more on the good aspects of the show. I'm running out of character limit so I guess I'll only add that you, my dear, are blessing from above. <3

Hello there! Wow, almost have me blushing here ;) Thank you very much! I’m not too sure about the getting the show more than anybody else part ;) but I appreciate that you enjoy the gifs and that you took the time to tell me, it really means a lot! Have a nice day or evening! :)

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Stef & Lena → 30 Day Challenge
Day 3: Favourite Stef and Lena episode

"You know, we haven’t talked about baby names."

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Again, this took some thinking but as much as I like the wedding episode (and there are one or two others in series 1 and 2A) I would have to say that “Mother” (2x06) is my favourite Stef and Lena episode at the moment. There is just something about their scenes that makes this one stand out for me. It’s the dream sequence in the beginning, Stef being over-protective of Lena, them talking about the baby’s name - the gentleness that is almost palpable in that particular scene, especially from Lena. Their pain in the end. The humour in-between. It just all fits together for me. (and on top, Teri and Sherri’s acting is just outstanding throughout)

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