Stef & Lena → 30 Day Challenge
Day 2: Favourite character - Stef or Lena

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Took a bit of thinking but ultimately I’d have to say that Stef is my favourite character. I just relate to her that wee bit more. (Although I feel that Stef and Lena are almost a character of their own. Like an entity, if you will. You can’t really separate them.)

I love that underneath the sometimes rough exterior there is something almost fragile about Stef - not sure if that makes sense. It’s something in the way Teri chooses to portray her at times. She has this big, big heart, and there is the goofy humour, and her fierce sense of protection when it comes to her family but more than anything I just love her devotion to Lena. She loves her almost to a fault. There was this really beautiful description in one of the AfterEllen recaps which I think is still one of the best ways to describe Stef. And ultimately her relationship with Lena.

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Stef & Lena → 30 Day Challenge
Day 1: The moment you started shipping them

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I’ve seen gifsets of them on tumblr long before I ever saw an episode but I never got more interested beyond an initial “whoa…nice” and a lingering thought that the blonde seemed familiar. Not quite sure what actually made me stop and download the show - but I blame tumblr, anyway and by ‘blame’ I mean ‘job well done, tumblr!’. ;)

The above scene pops into my head as one of the first when I’d have to answer what made me stick with them as a couple/ship. This one, and the one following with Lena confronting Mike. I absolutely love Lena’s reaction here. I’m not sure if it is actually jealousy, territoriality or just exasperation that Mike is this one thing in their life, she has basically no control over of how it will affect them any given day. But there is so much happening on her face, it’s really intriguing how Sherri expressed all those conflicting emotions. It just added an extra layer of depth to their relationship as well as their characters. And there is such an ease and fluidity (for lack of a better word) in their acting together that it is hard to believe it’s their first episode - because at no point in the pilot did I ever doubt these two have been a couple for a long time. Which makes this scene all the more compelling.

To see Lena still react this strongly to something that’s been part of their lives for a long time, set up an interesting backstory that I personally got quite interested in. (and they followed it up to some extent in the second episode.) And I thought the reveal of who Mike was to Stef after seeing him at the police station was actually cleverly done. Adding the ex-husband to the mix is not really innovative and tends to get soap-opera-y but I felt that especially in season 1 they handled this really well.

So, in short: a small scene with a lot of potential that kept me watching. :)
(also, and just to add this shallow but ever-present note: they are both really pretty to look at. So there is that as well. ;)

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Anonymous asked: Hi love your blog for starters I was just wondering what programme do you use to make the gifs?

Hi and thank you! :)

I use photoshop. Been using it for years and feel the most comfortable with it as I know where the important buttons are and what to do with them. ;)

Have a nice week!

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I was trying to protect you, and I was trying to protect Lexi. She needed help. She’s been like a daughter to us, Lena.

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